7 Tactics to Work (& Rework) Your Marketing Content

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Information on the internet drones on like a nest of bees. There’s so much content on the web it’s easy for your message to get drowned out, unheard, or forgotten.

Don’t despair. Like a trumpet across the football field, your content can be heard above the fray and reach your targeted audience. It can also engage them, lead them to your website, and help turn them into profitable customers – if you know what you’re doing.

Here are 7 actionable tips to work, and re-work, your marketing content.

1 – Think About Your Buyer

It doesn’t matter if everyone sees and absorbs your content. You just need the RIGHT people to see it. That’s why you must figure our your ideal buyer, or buyer persona. Take the time to talk with your profitable, loyal customers. You know, the ones you wish you had more of. Survey them and flesh out their problems, pain points, and the obstacles your product or service helps them alleviate. You will undoubtedly hear similar answers repeatedly. Note these in building your buyer persona.

2 – Talk to Your Customer Service Team

Your customer support team is in the daily trenches with your clients, making them a virtual goldmine of information! Ask them the questions and problems posed to them by your customers. As with the survey above, take note of the topics that surface most.

What does all this have to do with great marketing content? Be patient. We’re getting there!

3 – Make A List of Topics

Your research should have helped you jot down a long list of information. Problems, obstacles, issues, questions, and concerns. This list is the seed that’s going to make your killer content strategy grow!

These are the issues your customers, and your prospects, want to know about. So, give them what they need! Brainstorm as many blog topics as you can think of about the information you gleaned. Be creative, and use lists. “The 10 Best”, “The Mistakes You Might Make”, “The Do’s and Dont’s”, or “The Ultimate Guide” are all great ways to formulate high-performing titles that catch your intended audience’s interest and whet their appetites for more.

4 – Schedule Them Out

This is where many marketers derail in their content strategy pursuit. Creating everything up to this point is productively fantastic, but won’t help you one bit if the list gets lost on your desk.

You need a content calendar. Consistently sharing informative content your prospects want to read is your goal to growing your branding message and increasing your audience, and eventually your customer base.

Proactively set up the number of times a week you’re going to blog and stick to it.

5 – Write Killer Content

Now comes the down and dirty part. Figure out who is going to write the blogs. A smart strategy is to have more than one person writing so you can always keep the voice fresh and interesting. Plus, you can generate more content. If you only have one person to serve as a writer, you’re not alone. You can still make your content strategy great.

Show personality in your writing! Don’t be afraid to talk about examples and write with humor. Use high-value links to other pieces of your content, as well as external sources outside your website. These actions help boost your content with search engines for a greater chance people looking for answers will find it organically.

6 – Share It Where It Matters

Don’t stuff your great content away in a dark corner of your website. Share it far and wide! First, post it on the social media channels where your buyer hangs out. Encourage your sales people to share it, too. Consider targeted social media advertising to drive clicks and increase traffic. Find complementary businesses and ask them if they will link back to your blogs. Measure you results regularly so you know what is working and where the majority of your traffic is coming from.

But wait, there’s more. Don’t kiss the content you’ve already written night-night and put it to bed.

7 – Re-work Your Content

If you’ve identified your buyer and the topics they care about, you need to share an idea more than once. After digging into your subjects, take a crack at re-purposing your existing posts in these ways.

Re-write from another perspective. One subject can evolve into a dozen blog posts. For example, take digital marketing. The first blog title may be “An Introduction to Digital Marketing”. Then it could be changed to “Easy Mistakes to Make with A Digital Marketing Strategy”. A third blog could be “10 Hacks for Creating A Digital Marketing Plan that Delivers Crazy-Good ROI”. All of these topics are playing off the original subject, but delivering information in different ways.

Create an e-book. Take 3 or 4 of your popular blogs and merge them into an eBook. Not only do you have a piece of content that has proven to be interesting to your audience, you have a piece that will gather lead information. Because you’re going to design a landing page that requires your prospect to give you some of their personal information before they gain access to the eBook.

Set your info up as slides. For people who respond to visual, this is an easy way to increase your engagement. Chop your blog up and add it to slides, then upload them to Slideshare. You can share them all over your social media channels, making it quick and easy for your audience to absorb and share your message.

Tell the same story in a video. When it comes to marketing, videos are the “new black”. Buyers consume videos like kids consume candy on Halloween. Find a company that creates professional videos and re-purpose some of your popular blogs into a short video. Keep in mind quality is key. Only use them if they sound and visual quality is excellent.

Managing a content strategy is tough and time-consuming, so you definitely want to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment. Identifying your buyer and the problems they handle and questions they ask is the critical beginning to a killer marketing content strategy. From there, it takes commitment and discipline to write and share content. If you follow the tips we’ve laid out, over time you will be able to track noticeable business that originated from the blogs you created and the ones you re-purposed.


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