You Commerce, I Commerce… And It’s All Leading To E-Commerce

Search comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes these days: text, image, video, and most recently, voice—and on all kinds of platforms, too: computers, tables, phones, e-readers and more. Ready or not, buying trends around those searches and devices are leading to more and more e-commerce purchases. What is E-Commerce? When you hear that […]

7 Tactics to Work (& Rework) Your Marketing Content

Buzz, buzz, buzz. Information on the internet drones on like a nest of bees. There’s so much content on the web it’s easy for your message to get drowned out, unheard, or forgotten. Don’t despair. Like a trumpet across the football field, your content can be heard above the fray and reach your targeted audience. […]

Four Considerations In Lead Generation

Budget planning for any phase of marketing can be like a game of whack-a-mole these days. With new technologies emerging, luring consumers from one platform to another, it is hard to keep up with software, training, and even personnel. However, there are some hard and fast truths about digital and inbound marketing, lead generation and […]

Social Selling: Build A Personal Brand And Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Personal branding has become a topic of focus in digital marketing in recent years. It’s valuable whether you are a one-person show under a brand name, a business professional on your way up the ladder, or the owner of a large company. Growing your personal brand is important for the simple reason of trust: Audiences […]


With 95% of Americans owning a mobile phone of some sort, and nearly 80% owning smartphones, businesses are more poised than ever to capture their attention when they’re on the move. This is especially good for retail businesses. It gives them the ability to give consumers promotions, incentives or more information on their products or […]

Considerations for A Social Media Marketing Technology Stack

A social media marketing technology stack is a group of technology-based tools that marketers use to efficiently and effectively work together and execute marketing activities, across various channels. Why is social media marketing technology (aka martech) important? Because martech helps social marketers evolve with the changing needs of the customer. The tools within the stack […]

10 Tips For Sales and Marketing Alignment

Conventional wisdom says that sales and marketing departments are separate but related. While it’s true that the job descriptions of individual employees have little overlap, the broad goals of both teams have a lot in common. Finding ways for your sales and marketing teams to work together toward a common goal is a decision that […]

How to Build a Sales Funnel

The concept of a sales funnel is simple: You just think of a funnel, the wide mouth at the top that tapers to a small spout at the bottom, and imagine leads going in and conversions coming out. But the reality of building a sales funnel isn’t as simple as picturing it happening. In order […]