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#SIXcess and the State of Public Relations

The world of public relations and communications has changed exponentially in the past 10 years, and at Decus and now Pitchnoise, we’ve had to make a number of changes to stay relevant and nimble. Any other communications agency that has not initiated change agents in their respective companies have either gone by the wayside or become drastically irrelevant.

Nicole and MarkWhile we had changed and updated services and added the necessary people in the past to deliver a social media strategy, website development, and digital expectations of our clients, we were still seriously lacking a consistent client-focused strategy. Enter Inbound Lead Solutions.

Pitchnoise President and founder, Mark Gilman met Nicole Hudson in early 2017 on a nonprofit board in Detroit. The meeting gave them an opportunity to discuss their respective visions for ILS and Pitchnoise. Pitchnoise’s then limited digital marketing offering and ILS’ absence of a robust strategic communications foundation eventually led to their merging of businesses in 2018, where Gilman, as well as leading ILS’ Pitchnoise Communications division, also serves as a partner in ILS with Hudson. The merger has resulted in increased opportunities and exponential growth in areas such as education, retail, nonprofit, business-to-consumer, and professional services.

“Combining our businesses and developing new go-to-market strategies with Nicole and ILS has been one of the best decisions we’ve made in our 13 years,” said Gilman. “I’m excited about our future and the growth potential we have as a combined company and the breadth of services we have to offer our customers.”

Inbound Lead Solutions is celebrating 6 Years of #SIXcess.



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